Software Solution in Credit Verification.

How it works

A powerful predictor of an individual’s ‘willingness to pay.

See how Mobile-lending uses non-traditional data to provide credit scoring and verification to economically empower the emerging middle class around the world. We reinvent the consumer finance with life-changing software and give companies the ability to create positive social impact.

We offer Opportunities

“The Mobile-Lending Software has been there when I need it for my business. It’s fast and very simple to use.“

– Malika and Rien in Nairobi, Kenya

An engine for financial inclusion.

Improve efficiency and reduce costs with our Software.

A modern approach to approval

We assess people's credit based on smartphone data. Our software will evaluate loan applications and instantly give users the approval status within seconds of application.

Building capital

We provide customers a frictionless opportunity to build credit and live life to the fullest. You can build your credit by keeping the app installed and making loan payments on time.

Reaching over 2 billion people with our customer verification Software.

Two billion individuals and 200 million small businesses in emerging economies today lack access to formal savings and credit. With the growing ubiquity of the phone, the market is ready for disruption. Begin your digitalisation journey with our software.