Our main Products.

Credit Scoring.

Mobile-lending score is a powerful predictor of an individual’s character or ‘willingness to pay’. The score ranges from 1 to 1000, with higher scores representing a lower propensity to default.

The score can be deployed at the wide end of the funnel to prioritise applications or within an existing underwriting scorecard to reduce risk or approve more applications. The score complements traditional underwriting tools, like credit scores, because it relies exclusively on non-traditional data derived from a customer’s social data and online behaviour. When the score is added to a traditional underwriting scorecard, it has been proven to better discriminate between good and bad borrowers.


Embedding Mobile-lending’s verification service into an online or mobile application process enables clients to quickly check the veracity of the information reported on the application. The Verification Service returns ‘Verified’, ‘Not Verified’ and ‘Unable to Verify’ results for application fields, which include name, date of birth, email address, employer, university and, if desired, mobile phone number (using SMS code for authentication). These results include up to 19 ‘reason codes’ which offer more detail about our findings.

The Verification Service has been found to be more than 99% accurate for name verification with greater than 97% coverage. End-users use the verification results to fast track an application, reduce required documentation, or eliminate manual checks. The verification service can also be configured to include document and/or face capture via the digital camera on Android devices.

Our Software Consulting Services.

Our Software consulting services are aimed at maximizing the ROI of a software development service through effective planning, execution and management of new software development project, or setting to rights an ongoing project in the field of customer verification. Providing all-round software consulting, we help clients keep end-to-end software development fast and economically sound and deliver high-quality software solutions.

Consulting for Software Startups – We help software startups plan and design profitable products, optimize development and operation costs, streamline releases, and overcome compliance challenges.

Consulting for Enterprises – We help companies choose the right software solution to address their business needs, decide on the software techs and design, estimate project time and costs and expected ROI, ensure the required security and compliance.

Why our Software consultancy?

Transparent KPI-based outcomes – We measure the success of our service by the value our customers get, which makes us come up with lasting and sustainable software and process improvements and remain unbiased when it comes to the choice of techs.

Quick and quality results of consultancy – our clients can experience first service outcomes within a few months while avoiding disruption to their business processes. Basing on the first results and feedback, we continue with further improvements and scaling..

A Breakthrough Price!

Our decades of IT experience are available to you charged in Consultancy Tokens. Depending on the request complexity and expert qualification you choose the quantity of Consultancy tokens you want to purchase. Contact us for more information which token package is suitable for your request.